Wonderful Lie - New Album Available Now!


Award-winning singer/songwriter Christina Martin has released her seventh and newest album, Wonderful Lie — including new single, “The Winner Takes It All” shot and edited by Halifax based videographer Nicole Cecile Holland (cecileholland.com) at Joggins Follsil Cliffs in Joggins, Nova Scotia.

The release of Wonderful Lie comes amidst Martin’s extensive 49 date cross-country tour, from Newfoundland to British Columbia, with longtime lead guitarist and producer Dale Murray. Audiences will be treated to the newest music live throughout a combination of cozy house concerts via Home Routes (Chemin Chez Nous), as well as clubs, cafes and theatres. 

Long known and lauded for her signature indie pop-to-rock style, Wonderful Lie sees Martin wading effortlessly into the roots rock and Americana sound pool. Among the album’s 10 songs, four stand stellar as original compositions.

“Some of the songs on this record have been favourites of mine for decades. When I was living in Austin, a friend gave me a cassette tape of live acoustic recordings,” she recalls of her time in Texas. “Shawn Colvin was on it, and I was enthralled by her performance of a song called, ‘Even Here We Are, written by American songwriter Paul Westerberg.’ 

That’s when I started listening to Paul, and one of my favourites of his was always ‘It’s A Wonderful Lie’.

“This year felt like the right time to explore our take on six of my favourite songs,” she continues on the breadth of this, her seventh release. “The tie that binds across this album is that all the songs are mostly very stripped down in nature.”


“I kind of envision Christina as a female Roy Orbison-meets-Chrissie Hynde from The Pretenders… All that power and the passion. Everything she does is just so good and, if it’s possible, it just keeps getting better!” — Jeff Liberty @ CBC Saint John’s

“The record consists of 10 songs that not only demonstrate Martin and Murray’s prowess as arrangers, producers and musicians, but is highlighted by a particularly deep and compelling vocal performance by Martin on each and every track. It is a tour de force of distilling a song down to its core emotional essence, something Martin does with rare exceptionalism.” — Jim Barber @ Music Life Magazine

Christina Martin