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Impossible to hold

2018 Music Nova Scotia - Pop Recording of the Year

About- impossible to hold

On Impossible To Hold, her sixth studio album out March 23, Christina continues her significant evolution as one of Canada’s top exporting artists, with a matchless quality that has further developed lyrically, emotionally and sonically since her 2016 award winning album It’ll Be Alright. Christina explains “There was little concern for following any style or trend in writing and recording these new songs. My commitment was to honour the direction the songs were leading me in. There were dark moments in the process, but I showed up each day to work, and hoped it would all come together.”


It’ll Be Alright

2016 ECMA - Pop Recording of the Year

About-It’ll Be Alright (2015)

“Always known as one of the area’s best lyricists, with an ability to get right inside the heart of her characters and listeners, Martin has translated that emotion in a bigger rock sound.” – Bob Mersereau, CBC/Author The Top 100 Canadian Albums

Sometimes an artist experiences moments when everything comes into focus, and suddenly they have opened a door to a limitless creative future. Christina Martin has reached that point on her fifth album, ‘It’ll Be Alright,’ which garnered her a 2016 East Coast Music Award for Pop Recording of the year. This is a 10-song collection that finds the Nova Scotia-based singer-songwriter attaining what her music has always suggested, a place where the ghosts of her musical heroes freely mingle with pop-rock’s modern architects. The album’s brilliance is its seamless blend of the past and present. The bridge between them is Martin’s voice, an instrument both haunting and immediate.


“Fans of Petty and Springsteen, this is for you” Voted 9/10 Americana-UK
“Vocally Supreme, Lyrically Superb and the music is second to none.” Rock Bandom-UK
“Rootsy East Coast songstress Christina Martin delivers another winner with her fifth album, It’ll Be Alright.” Kerry Doole, New Canadian Music

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Sleeping with a stranger

2013 Music Nova Scotia
Recording of the Year

About - Sleeping with a stranger (2012)

Sleeping With A Stranger is Martinʼs fifth and newest award-winning album of 12 original songs, and reflects the artist’s coming of age lyrically and musically. “Itʼs one of those rare albums where you have to listen to it all in one sitting. Like a good book that’s hard to put down, ʻSleeping With A Strangerʼ tickles the ears and within three bars you’re completely hooked.” (Americana UK October 2012). In Fall 2012 the album produced by Dale Murray won her 2012 Music Nova Scotia Female Recording of the Year, was nominated for 3 East Coast Music Awards, and her company was nominated for Music Nova Scotia Company of the Year. Her song What I Always Knew was placed in the CBC television drama Heartland and her single Falling For You remained on the CBC Radio2 Top 20 countdown, where it remained for 5 months.

Martin returned home from her European release for Sleeping With a Stranger in Fall 2014 after over 80 scheduled concerts in Europe, a performance at Rolling Stone Weekender, and an endorsement from the esteemed Duesenberg Custom Guitar Shop in Hannover Germany. The roots-rock singer-songwriter toured extensively and secured relationships for her future, using her home base as Artist in Residence in the city of Dachau Germany.


i can too

Nominated for
Six East Coast Music Awards

About-I can too (2010)

Martin teamed up again with Dale Murray (Cuff The Duke, The Guthries, Matt Mays, Buck 65) to co-produce I Can Too which features guest appearances by Blue Rodeo’s Greg Keelor and Cuff the Duke’s Wayne Petti.  Tracks like “I Fear I Am,” conjures up classic rock jangles and the rhythmic sway of Roy Orbison. “Daisy,” draws on Tom Petty’s nostalgic narrative-driven approach to the craft, while Murray’s lap steel on “Hello,” echoes the melodic slide-guitar playing of George Harrison. This album is bold, rhythmic, vulnerable and inspirational. 

Hearts Sleeve Front low res.jpg

Two hearts

2008 Music Nova Scotia Pop/Rock Recording of the Year
2008 Music Nova Scotia Female Recording of the Year
2009 ECMA Pop Recording of the Year

About-Two Hearts (2008)

With a steady rhythm and swelling strings, “Two Hearts” opens Martin’s sophomore album that won her the 2009 ECMA Newcap Radio Pop Recording of the Year and two 2008 Nova Scotia Music Awards:  Female Artist Recording of the Year & Pop/Rock Artist/Group Recording of The Year. Produced by Dale Murray (Cuff The Duke, The Guthries, Hayden), Two Hearts offers nine songs made of a hopeful longing. Merging country flourishes with a cinematic folk backdrop, the disc ranges from the choir-backed finale of “You Come Home” to the more reserved “Hard Day In June.” These stylistic shifts are held together by Martin’s songwriting, which plots vulnerability against her strong vocals in manner reminiscent of artists such as Lucinda Williams and Emmylou Harris.

Pretty Things Sleeve Front Hi.jpg

Pretty Things

Christina’s DEBUT ALBUM

About-Pretty things (2002)

Produced by Darwin Smith in Austin, TX, Christina’s 2002 debut album features ‘Always Rain’ and ‘Stronger’ from the British-Canadian TV Drama Series Sex Traffic.


remember me-EP

2014 Music Nova Scotia Inspirational Recording of the Year

About-Remember me(2014)

In January 2014 The Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia partnered with singer-songwriter Christina Martin on an exciting new project, Remember Me: Songs and Stories Relating to Dementia. 

Remember Me was developed out of a series of songs written during Christina’s Artist in Residency (2011-2012) with Dr. Kenneth Rockwood, Dalhousie Geriatric Medical Research and the Canadian Dementia Knowledge Translation Network (CDKTN). Five of the songs were recorded in 2013 with award winning producer and musician Dale Murray. 
“I hope these songs provide a way for people to connect and share their own experiences relating to dementia and caring for others.” says Christina. Remember Me won the 2014 Music Nova Scotia Award for Inspirational Recording of the Year.


Always Reminding - Remix_Artwork.jpg

Always Reminding-Remix

About-Always Reminding Remix (2019)

Showcasing the blend of pop-tinged rock that’s already won her critical acclaim across Canada and Europe, ‘Always Reminding’ is one Christina’s most infectious songs to date.  “Always Reminding is about being reminded, or reminding yourself, that you’re stronger, more capable, and more loveable than most of us often give ourselves credit for. It’s about staving off self-doubt for a minute and having a flash of self-empowerment” TWISI BLOG by Amanda Campbell

This christmas

Holiday Single

About-This Christmas (2018)

“I never thought I would ever write, record or perform a song celebrating Christmas.” explains award winning Canadian singer/songwriter Christina Martin leading up to the digital release of her first Holiday single — ‘This Christmas’ available November 9th. “Holidays stressed me out. Not my parents fault, they always did their best to make it fun, but family dynamics and expectations surrounding this time of year always got in the way of me getting the point of it all.  I love my family, and thankfully, I feel like I’ve come around to the spirit of the Holiday season.”

The Nova Scotia based performer was invited to perform a short set of traditional Christmas covers for families Saturday November 24th 2018 during the Halifax Christmas Tree Lighting event at City Hall. It became a challenge and opportunity to examining the journey of how she came to reconnect in a positive light with the Holiday Season.

The artist said YES to the Halifax Tree Lighting gig, before putting pencil to paper on a Christmas song, proceeding with faith she would find her voice working with longtime Producer Dale Murray. “I knew all along this would be a song about finding a new light in this time of year, thanks to new traditions, and travelling with my husband and musical partner Dale Murray.  I’m not making any promises, but if it continues to be fun, then we might release a Holiday Album in 2019.”    BUY ON CDBABY HERE

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Take Me Back in a dream- Remix

From Christina’s 2016 Award Winning Album - It’ll Be Alright

About-Take me back in a dream remix(2015)

From her award winning album It’ll Be Alright!


Falling For You

From Christina’s 2013 Award Winning Album - Sleeping With a Stranger

About-Falling for you (2012)

From her award winning album Sleeping With a Stranger