PATREON is an excellent way for creators around the globe to get paid for the work they do.

I created my page in January 2019, and launched it to the public February 5th, 2019.  I didn't do this alone, and the process of launching took me a few months of steady work.  I asked friends, fans and close mentors for advice, and the result is a new model to help me connect with fans, and stay focused and dedicated to creating and touring the music and messages. I am always dreaming of bringing my music to new places, and coming back to places that have been kind and generous with us over the years.

My patrons have first views of new videos and audio, and other fun and exclusive content.  Here is the first LIVE video we launched via Patreon, just to give you an idea of the content I'm working on releasing this year:

PATREON is a long-term commitment for me.  I'm looking forward to sharing my new songs and videos with everyone, sharing pieces of my journey as a singer songwriter.  I am so grateful for where music has taken me, for all the support, and I hope I can continue to grow and share my journey with everyone.



Christina Martin