Impossible To Hold Wins Pop Recording of the Year

I want to say a very special thanks to some folks.

I’ll start with Dale Murray , who co-wrote the music on two songs on this album (Lungs Are Burning & Always Reminding). Dale ENGINEERED, RECORDED, PRODUCED, helped ARRANGE and MIX this album. I have a lot of love and support in my life, and Dale is my BIGGEST supporter.

Thanks as well to my loving and talented friend Matt Epp for co-writing the track Where The Dark Meets The Light.

Thanks to Jason Vautour (bass guitar) and Jordi Comstock (drums) for their performances on this album and for sharing the stage with us.

Thanks to J. LAPOINTE Archive Mastering for his stellar job mastering the album.

I also had the most amazing time working with Nicole Aline Legault on all the album artwork, posters and illustrations since meeting her in 2016. And thanks to Jessica Rhaye Grimmer for her great work on designing the album layout!

Those were the folks that made the music and physical album come to fruition.

Big thanks to Sarah Jamer and Laura Simpson The Syrup Factory(Congrats on your Company of the Year win!!). On a weekly basis since 2017 Sarah helped me manage and dream up all the marketing plans for this album, and helped me manage my scatterbrain. Thanks Sarah for your support on dark days and on brightly lit days, thanks for your friendship and your incredible attitude.

Thanks to all of my Indiegogo supporters who helped us get started in the studio back in 2016.

Thanks to The Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent On Recordings (FACTOR) and Music Nova Scotia who’ve granted me much support to get on the road and market the album, and to FACTOR JSR for helping fund the recording.

Thanks to my fans and friends and family, my distributors, agents and my marketing teams. Every ounce of your support matters and means a great deal!

Again… thanks DALE MURRAY – Engineer/Arranger/Producer/Mix Master & Best Friend…. for helping my vision and dreams come to fruition.


Christina F'n Martin

Christina Martin